Lazo Trees

Sitting on the rock,

Looking above,

With the sun in the corner your of you eyes,

trees as tall  as a plans wing spand,

even bigger,

if you look up in the sky it looks like a star,

What Do Colors Mean??

RainbowHave you ever wondered what colors mean…

RED: Means mad to the bone, could be mad at someone or something.

ORANGE: Means tangy like an orange, probably having fun with someone.

YELLOW: Means joy-full you just wanna sing to the world in glory, did something really fun  today.

GREEN: Means jealous today, something harped like your sister or brother getting everything and you get nothing

BLUE:Means feel like a big lump of nothing, you probably got a cold or are feeling REALLY sad.

PURPLE: Means your feeling sassy today, you feel like your having to much fun and you feel free.

PINK: Means your feel sparkly like a really dolled up dress, you got a new cool piece of  clothing.

Image by: Rainbow

What color do you feel like today?

The Horrible Thing…

The Horrible Thing,

That hides under your bed,

The Horrible Thing ,

That is a fright,

The Horrible Thing,

That you can’t see in the night,

The horrible Thing,

That goes “creek” in the night,

The Horrible Thing,

that is as deadly as a fright,

The Horrible Thing!

Your In My World Now…

3580063902_a96f63d79bImagine standing in front of a big willow tree, with strings of leaf green leafs too. Imagine looking over the Mountains at bright blue water with palm tree’s standing over the water and the water making a “whoosh” sound. Imagine bright white clouds standing above you, and green grass waiting for you too walk on. Looking at the world thinking its so big out there feeling like an ant. Coming to a decision  that you have too walk on every piece of grass out there. already having peace in the world no wars no fighting, glory to the world. Seeing the northern lights above you shining different colors above you. Imagine rainbows big thick rainbows red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple rainbows! This is my world so when i’m off in my world this is what I think of. You probably have your world to.

Image  by: kurdistan kurde کوردستان

Funny April Fool’s

Well last year me and my cousin play a prank on my mom and well, it didn’t go so well my mom and dad were kinda mad. We changed my moms shampoo with ranch dressing like for your salad and we put my dads shaving cream and changed it with hot souse and it buried his face not to bad. and last we put saran rap on the toilet his was SO funny!

My Kinda Music…

background rainbow


 I like all music Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz my favorite is Pop here’s some songs to check out

-Tick tock by Kesha

-Replay by Iyaz

-Love me by Justin Bieber

-So Sick by Ne-yo

these are some songs that i like there’s lots more of them but that’s all I can think of for now not everyone will like those songs

image by: background rainbow

How to Get Over a Bad Day…

You can have a bad day when you have a bad hair day, your best friends sick , falling down or having to walk home in the rain Sometimes you just have to rain manget over a bad day by chatting with a friend or eating chicken noodle soup, my way is to get out side and get fresh air and read magazines. you should not over do your self like going out in the rain on a raine day that best thing to do is to stay in side so you don’t get a color something like that any thing can thing can wreck a bad day

image by: rain man